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About Me - My Skills and Experience

I am a skilled and versatile technical professional with over 30 years of experience in the digital arena.

With a strong background in project management, digital marketing, SEO and website development. I have successfully delivered high-quality solutions for clients such as Santander, Alton Towers, Machine Mart, Phaidon and Leicester City Council.

My Key Skills Fall into 3 Distinct Areas

1. Management

My experience is a great fit for a Technical Project Manager or Digital Product Owner role. I have led and supported teams of marketing executives, full-stack programmers, front-end developers, and server and security specialists in an agency environment for 23 years. During this time I was digital project manager for a large number of the projects undertaken by the company.

Images of various sites that I have project managed

Some of the standout projects were as follows: 

Product Owner - Santander BillPay

I worked with Santander for over 10 years as the Product Owner for Santander BillPay, a bill payment system that transacted millions of pounds daily. I worked directly with the Santander marketing team in Liverpool, the server team in Milton Keynes as well as the technical team in Spain. Santander was by far our biggest client so it was imperative that the project was managed to the bank's thorough standards at all times. 

Digital Project Management - Blaby District Council 

I project managed a full rebuild of the Blaby District Council website. The project supported 12 council departments providing services to the community which included the integration of all their online services including Bulk Waste Disposal, Parking fines and Council Tax payments. 

Digital Project Management - West Yorkshire Metro

West Yorkshire Metro is a Government Agency that handles Bus and Train services in West Yorkshire. I project managed the build which included the design and integration of the authority’s new e-commerce Tickets & Passes platform, integration with Metro's eCRM back-office and the creation of a real-time fully responsive timetable download system. 

When it comes to project management and product ownership, my main strength is that I have a strong technical foundation and communication skills that enable me to collaborate effectively with technical teams, service providers and marketing teams on the same project, providing a consistent and clear voice at every level.

2. Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Over the years I have discovered that the secret behind SEO is that there is no secret. There are a few solid rules that are regularly published by Google based on the following:

    • How your site is technically developed (is your site built and structured for Google to index it properly
    • User experience (Build your site for a quality user experience, don't build your site for the search engines)
    • Site speed
    • Quality inbound links 
    • Regularly updated relevant content.

Following these rules, I have been able to rank sites above the competition for generic search terms. Some of the sites I have produced great results on are Oddfellows, Marcrist International, Call Credit, Rollits and Sea Fish.

a banner showing SEO, Accessibility and Email credentials

Social Media and Email Marketing - Alton Towers

I worked directly with the Alton Towers marketing department for 5 years, providing social media, email marketing services and project managing the builds of microsites for a number of their attractions including  Mutiny Bay, Th13teen, Nemesis, Smiler and Cbeebies Land.

One particular "fantastically" successful social media campaign was "Escape" which had members of the public nominating their town to be visited by the Alton Towers "party bus" to take winners for a free day at the park. During a 5 week period, the Alton Towers Facebook page gained over 45,000 "comments and follows" and we added 15000 email contact details to the marketing email list.

Email Marketing- Marcrist International

Marcrist is a premium tool manufacturer who had been gaining contact details from customers and dealers for a number of years but hadn't had the knowledge in-house to successfully leverage them for email campaigns.

Utilising Mailchimp, I set to work to clean the lists they had, segmenting them based on industry and area as well as utilising new opt-in lists acquired from industry bodies. 

Eventually, I was able to send regular targeted campaigns with an average of 48% open rates and 18% engagement.  

Accessibility - Blaby District Council

One of my most successful achievements was managing and implementing a series of accessibility improvements to the Blaby District Council Site taking them from a historic zero score to the highest overall score of 10 on the Sitemorse charts (which monitors 404 local authorities). 

3. Full Stack Developer

A display of 4 websites created by me

I am a Microsoft Professional with experience in developing websites, systems integrations and mobile apps. My recent portfolio includes the website for the UK's biggest Starbucks franchise and a multi-language company and e-commerce site for a leading premium tool company.

Click here for more information about my recent website builds


🚗 Physically, I'm based in York but my work takes me to Leeds, Doncaster and Hull on a regular basis and of course, I'm virtually able to assist you wherever you are in the world thanks to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype! So let’s chat or grab a coffee (real or virtual!).