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This site is a fun personal project which I have previously used when I wanted to learn a new system. 

The latest version of this site has a number of elements which I have learned to program recently. The first is that the back-end database is built using "Minimal API's" which is a relatively new API programming framework by Microsoft utilising the latest .net core (now .net 8) technology. 

The web API queries a random record from the SQL database and returns it to the system using JSON.

In addition, the website is coded purely in HTML and Javascript to consume the API and I also learnt how to animate elements. 

The interface is primarily built to work on mobile devices first but does render perfect well on a desktop browser also. 

So the site does actually work, it will give you gift ideas and you can purchase them from the links in the site. 

I will continue to update the site whenever I want to learn something new and it can be implemented within it. So keep checking back.

Project Details

Type: Personal Project

Time: Ongoing



Responsive CSS and HTML 5

A C# Backend API written using Minimal API's and delivered using JSON

API Consumed Using Vanilla Javascript

Microsoft SQL Server Database



Mobile First Design

Animated HTML Elements

Random Gift Finder

Purchase Directly From Gift Link

Secure Website