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My Recent Web Site Builds

Recently I've seen a strange trend of companies without a website. It seems that a growing number of small businesses rely on Facebook pages instead of having their own websites. This may seem convenient and cost-effective, but it limits your online presence and potential customers. Facebook pages are not optimised for Google search, so you miss out on a lot of traffic and visibility. Plus, your Facebook page may not be accessible to everyone, especially on mobile devices where users need to log in to the app or the mobile site. Your website is your digital storefront and your best marketing tool. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand, products, and services to a wider audience. Studies show that 75% of people judge a business by its website and that having a website can boost your revenue by 15-50%. Don't settle for just a Facebook page. You deserve a website that works for you and your customers.

I have highlighted some of my recent sites below.

23.5 Degrees - Starbucks Franchise

23.5Degrees Website Displayed on a laptop

23.5 Degrees is the UK's biggest Starbucks franchise, having nearly 100 stores they needed a site to showcase their stores and detail new and upcoming stores. The site features a content-managed interactive Google map and an update people showing photos and details for each store. The site was designed by Marshalls Direct and I was commissioned to build the site Templates, CMS System, custom code and CSS - https://www.23-5degrees.com/

York Developers Charity

A laptop showing York Developers Website

York Developers is a registered charity in York. They support, develop and encourage a community of Software Developers in (and around) the city to promote the values of learning and collaboration, helping to develop individuals and groups. Their current website hadn't been updated for a long time because it had no content management system so everything had to be hard coded. I have recently completed a rebuild of the whole site building upon the original design but with a full content management system. This will enable members of the charity to update their own meetup details and content. The site is currently in testing and will go live shortly, replacing the old one. 

Marcrist International - Premium Diamond Tool Manufacturer

three views of the marcrist website

Marcrist is a Doncaster company with offices, workshops and factories in Germany and Switzerland. They needed a content-managed website for each of these regions which would be a showcase for their products to eventually replace their printed catalogue. The system would import product information hourly from their internal product system and display the relevant language as well as local currency. The UK version will soon be e-commerce and each language has its own job and documents section. http://www.marcrist.com

The Northern Trek

A desk with a laptop and camera on it showing the northern spine website

I have been commissioned to build the official site for the Northern Trek which is a 550-mile trek from the peak district to the summit of Ben Nevis, devised and mapped by Ken Heptonstall. The trek launched on time in March 2024 and has been featured by numerous news outlets including the online version of the i newspaper

The site will is fully content-managed and includes detailed routes, maps and information on the trek as well as beautiful imagery from each area. https://www.northerntrek.co.uk

My Tool Expert

My Tool Expert Website on a Laptop

My Tool Expert is a full e-commerce webshop selling quality tools at reduced prices. The site was built within the Shopify system and all bespoke code was written in Liquid, the Shopify native language. The site is available in the UK and Germany in their respective language and currency and is currently taking many orders each day for the site owners. http://www.mytoolexpert.com

The sites above are just some of my recent work. If you want to know more about these projects or any other work I've done then get in touch.

Yorkshire and Proud

I was born in Yorkshire and lived here all my life, My base is York but I have strong ties to Leeds, Hull and Doncaster. I love to work locally but am willing to travel if required, especially for meetings, briefs and presentations.