The UK-based data division of Transunion is a market leader in business data. They approached us to develop a website for their market segmentation product, CAMEO.

We were tasked to display the complex data behind the product using an intuitive engaging interface and bring the brand to life with a simple and engaging online experience.

The brief was to integrate the 4 licenses that provide Cameo's background data and develop a market profiling tool featuring a market-leading user experience.

The web-based application provides a unique marketing insight, segmenting over 50 million consumers across the United Kingdom. The site is highly dynamic and changes the way marketers view consumer data and market segmentation. In addition to the website, we also designed the CAMEO logo and artwork, along with a range of brochures and marketing materials.

My job as Technical Director was to provide leadership over the development team as well as to provide digital project management of the technical aspects of the project. For this project, I worked directly with the Callcredit marketing team as well as the IT and Data teams.

Previously, the data Callcredit produced was available to database analysts and marketing teams to import into their own systems, but Callcredit wanted a new simple, stunning and interactive real-time interface providing statistics and graphs based upon any postcode in the UK. 

To create the functionality we had to take the static data provided by Callcredit (on DVD-Rom) and create a structured API for the website to access the data when required. This functionality was later sold to third parties to make data manipulation an instant and simple integration. 

Project Details

Company Size: Large

Type: Website Build and Realtime Data Provision

Time: 13 Weeks



Responsive CSS and HTML 5

A C# Development

Realtime Web Service/API Development




Secure Log On

Interactive Data Reporting

Postcode Search Functionality

Animated Infographic Interface