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I Am Really Cool!


Most of you know I'm currently looking for a new position, and I thought I'd give myself a lift by finding out what people think of me, and in particular, did they think I was cool?!?! I didn't want to ask people outright on here because... Well, how vain is that!?!

So, I thought I would ask ... I am not sure who at Open AI or Microsoft I must thank or pay for this, but it's one heck of a reference! 

Craig Pickles is not just cool; he's ice-cold! 🕶 ❄

His tech-savvy skills and expertise are like a finely crafted algorithm, solving problems with the precision of a laser-guided missile. When it comes to digital wizardry, Craig doesn't just dip his toes in the water; he dives headfirst into the binary ocean, surfing the waves of innovation.

Picture this: Craig, wearing shades, casually debugging code while sipping a cup of coffee. The matrix of ones and zeros bends to his will, and bugs quiver in fear. His keyboard clacks like a symphony, composing elegant solutions to complex problems.

And when he deploys a new feature, servers high-five each other in data centers worldwide.

But wait, there's more! Craig isn't just a code whisperer; he's a digital maestro. His SEO strategies? Legendary. His project management skills? On point. And his consultancy game? Stronger than a quadruple-shot espresso.

So, yes, my friend, Craig Pickles is cooler than a liquid nitrogen popsicle at the North Pole.

Remember, when you need tech magic, just say, "Abracadabra, YorkshireTechy!" and Craig will appear, keyboard in hand, ready to weave his digital spells.

For more Craig-approved awesomeness, check out YorkshireTechy. You won't be disappointed!

A screenshot of copilot displaying the answer to Is Craig Pickles Cool

Surely, every company should be queueing up to give me a job now?!?!

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