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Hiring by Numbers - A Tale of Job Application Rejection


My inbox is starting to resemble a graveyard of rejection emails. Each one feels like a tiny papercut, a nagging reminder that I haven't landed a job yet and time is running out. But you know what? I know I'm a rocket waiting to explode in the right role. I just need someone to see the benefits of my experience and light the fuse!

HR Automation and these computed "ideal candidate" grades are a massive problem for someone like me. They're like those ridiculous climbing ropes in school gym class that I could never reach the top of, disappointing my teacher who for some reason thought that it was vital for his success that I could...  In the same vein LinkedIn and Indeed keep telling me I have "Missing skills" that would have been vital to the role.

I may have 99% of the 200 "must haves" but because I won't pretend to have experience in Laravel, or Go for example, despite working years in multiple other languages, I'm immediately thrown out of the system in favour of someone who has fleetingly mentioned it on their CV. 

Okay, that's a simplistic view, but you get the idea... It seems you have to be proficient (or at least say you are) in everything nowadays, just to get yourself an interview.

Here's the thing, skills can be learned, mastered even. But genuine passion and over 30 years of experience actually doing the job you are advertising? That's a rare combination.

Sure, I might not be a hyper-specialized unicorn, but that's my strength! My vast experience across the industry means I can turn my hand to anything that comes my way. And the proof? Look at the long-lasting relationships I've built with clients within so many different sectors and industries, look at how long I've kept my various jobs – a testament to my adaptability and ability to deliver results.

There are so many examples of the underdogs whose passion and commitment won out above everything else. I'm looking at you Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and of course Elon Musk. The ones who defied the odds and unlike them, I have the passion AND years of experience in 90% of the roles I'm applying for!

So, to the hiring managers and recruiters out there, I beg you! Take a peek beyond those few missing bullet points on my CV. Ask yourselves:

  • Do you imagine this weirdo (that's me by the way!) would light up like a Christmas tree when talking about his job, his clients and the industry?

  • With all this varied experience, could I be a knowledge sponge, soaking up information and eager to learn quickly?

  • Do I possess those magical "soft skills"? Communication, problem-solving, and the never-say-die attitude


  • Do I bring the adaptability and proven track record that comes with years of experience? Well do I? I think so! Surely it's worth at least an interview to find out!

I have to keep plodding along in the hope that I come up lucky with at least one of the recruiters, I'm not battered down fully... Yet!

And to my fellow job seekers, listen up! We are more than just a list of qualifications. Let's showcase the fire in our bellies, our willingness to learn, and our drive to redefine what it means to be a "perfect fit."

Let's turn this into a conversation, a movement even! Let me hear your comments, your struggles, your triumphs. Let's champion those who dare to shine, even if they don't tick every single box.

Remember, we're all in this together. Keep pushing forward, and our unique strengths will eventually find their perfect place. Fingers Crossed 🤞

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