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Drowning in Spam: The Unsubscribe Experiment


Have you ever checked your email only to be greeted by an avalanche of unwanted messages? Stupid question, of course you have. My inbox has always been a digital landfill overflowing with spam. We're talking hundreds of emails a day – In the last few years, it's changed from "Guaranteed weight loss pills" and "Enlarge your..." to more "You've got a £500 discount from the latest amazing online store" or "I'll get you to the top of Google"... The content may have changed, but it's still spam!

I've tried everything to block them: sender filters, flagging them as spam, and even muttering varying degrees of rude words under my breath (unsuccessfully, as it turns out). I would like it to stop, I used to ignore it, and that seems like the only obvious solution when it gets so bad, but I've decided to try one last ditch attempt and see if it actually works... I'm taking a bold step – The Unsubscribe Experiment.

For the whole of April, I'm going to dedicate myself to the tedious (and frankly, soul-crushing probably) task of unsubscribing from every single spam email I get. Every. Single. One.

Why would I do this?

Because frankly, I'm sick of them. But mainly, because I'm curious. Will this ridiculous unsubscribe notion actually make a difference? In theory it should, it's the law after all (in the UK) Will my inbox transform from a spam wasteland into a tranquil oasis of legitimate messages?

Stay tuned for the epic saga! 

At the end of the month I'll share my findings and report on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of this grand experiment. Just anecdotally you understand, It's not important enough to record specifics. 

In the meantime, fellow spam sufferers, feel free to commiserate in the comments below! Share your own spam horror stories and any unsubscribe tips you might have.  Maybe together, we can reclaim our inboxes from the clutches of digital junk.

P.S. Wish me luck! (And maybe send coffee?)

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