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Bounce - A Game Written in Pure Javascript with HTML 5 Canvas

In early 2005, a new version of HTML was released (called HTML5) which had an amazing feature. The feature was called CANVAS and allowed a developer to directly address the space within a special div.

Bounce Pure Javascript Game - Click To PLayWhat did this mean? for the first time, you could draw on the screen without using pre-created images, you could create interactive games. So I set about writing a game to see what I could do with this brand new functionality...

This is Bounce. It's a really simple game written in HTML5 using pure canvas and javascript.

There's not much to it and it may be buggy, but it was created simply to try out my javascript skills on this new canvas.

This was 2005, and I knew in the short future, there would be proper HTML5/Canvas game frameworks but I wanted to know how these things work in the first place.

It works best on a traditional machine with a mouse, sorry but I didn't optimise it for phones or tablets at the time, should I revisit it?

Hope you enjoy giving it a quick play as much as I enjoyed making it :)

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Date: 01 Sep 2022
Author: Craig Pickles (YorkshireTechy)