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Apple Redefines AI... And not just by calling it "Apple Intelligence"


Apple has just made some big announcements regarding its forthcoming series of operating systems, every year it upgrades the OS on all of its devices adding lots of features that we'll ultimately end up using every day. Mostly these features have been numerous, small but useful. Nothing groundbreaking.

One area that Apple seemed to be lacking was taking advantage of the major developments that have happened in AI over the last year or so. considering their competition such as Microsoft and Google have shoehorned AI chat into their products, Apple had been altogether quiet about this revolution and while being accused of losing it in the last few years, I believe that after tonight's announcement, it has once again positioned itself at the forefront of innovation.

It feels that the tech giant has not just entered the AI race, it has blazed past the competition, setting a new benchmark for what's possible. With a suite of fully integrated AI features that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, Apple has made it clear: the future of AI is here, and it's for everyone.

Oh... And it's not "Artificial Intelligence" any more... It's "Apple Intelligence" now!

Initially, I had a concern that Apple might be too late to the AI party, merely integrating ChatGPT as a quick afterthought. A sticking plaster to their already polished suite of apps. The fear was that Apple, known for its innovation, had somehow missed the boat, allowing Open AI, Microsoft and Google to steer the course of AI's future.

We heard a couple of weeks ago that Apple had partnered with OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT and the prospect of simply buying into this functionality seemed like a duck tape solution, a quick fix to a rapidly advancing field that demanded more than just superficial integration.

However, Apple has laid those fears to rest today. Their announcement is a testament to their strategic foresight and commitment to excellence. It's clear now that Apple wasn't just catching up, they were biding their time, ensuring that when they did step into the AI arena, it would be with a suite of features that were not just add-ons but core to the Apple experience. The integration of AI across Apple's ecosystem is thoughtful and comprehensive, proving that they are not just participants in the AI revolution but potentially leading the charge.

With this move, Apple has seamlessly woven AI into the fabric of our daily digital experience. It's a move that's both bold and reassuring, signalling that the future of AI, according to Apple, will be as innovative as it is inclusive.

All New Siri: A Leap into the Future

The unveiling of Siri's new superpowers marks a significant milestone in virtual assistants (Finally!). Reimagined from the ground up, Siri now sports a sleek new interface brimming with micro-interactions that are a delight to behold. It's not just about the looks. The new Siri is smarter, faster, and more intuitive, ready to redefine our expectations of what a digital assistant can do.

App Intents and AI Search: Smarter, More Intuitive Interactions

Apple's App Intents and AI Search are possible game-changers, allowing stock and third party apps to delve deep into the AI framework to provide an absolute seamless experience! 

Meanwhile, AI Search addresses the barriers of traditional search engines, providing a more natural and efficient way to access the information we need. Let's just hope that they manage to fix the issues that the likes of Google are having integrating AI into searching. 

Writing Tools and Communication AI: The End of Language Barriers

Grammarly has been a faithful companion to many including myself, but Apple's new writing tools are set to take the stage. These tools promise to make writing not just error-free but also a pleasure. In the realm of communication, Apple's AI brings smart replies and summaries to Mail & Messages, ensuring that keeping up with our conversations is as simple as it is smart.

Notifications, Genmojies, and Image Magic: Personalisation at Its Best

Notifications can be overwhelming, but Apple's AI in Notifications promises to bring peace to our digital lives by highlighting only what truly matters. Genmojies and the Image Playground & Wand features take personalisation to new heights, allowing us to create and manipulate images and emojis that are uniquely ours... All fully built-in!

Multimedia Search and Editing: Unleashing Creativity

Searching within videos and images has always been a challenge, but maybe no more. Apple's new search capabilities are a testament to the power of Apple Intelligence, making it easy to find exactly what we're looking for. And with the ability to clean up images without the need for complex software, creativity is now at everyone's fingertips.

Storytelling and Transcription: The Power of the Prompt

Creating videos from photos and prompts looks like nothing short of magical, and Apple's new feature is set to revolutionise content creation. Whether it is as good as the offering form OpenAI and Google remains to be seen, but Apple seemed confident that it can hold its own, and created mostly on device as well.

Transcription services offer accurate and efficient transcriptions of audio, meetings, and phone calls, a feature that's sure to be a hit among professionals and students alike.

ChatGPT 4 and Developer Tools: Building the Future Together

integration of ChatGPT 4 is an obvious but exciting prospect, offering a secure and free (you don't even need to register apparently) AI companion that's there when you need it. For developers, the array of APIs and SDKs opens up a world of possibilities, inviting them to join in shaping the next wave of AI-powered applications.

I am looking forward to experiencing these innovations firsthand. One thing is certain, Apple's vision for AI is not just about advancing technology. It's about creating an ecosystem that's powerful, intuitive, and deeply personal. The future is not just coming, it looks like it's literally around the corner, and it's distinctly Apple.

I can't wait to play with this new functionality, it's available for Apple silicon machines in Alpha/Beta but as my machines are all development machines it will have to wait a little while, and on iOS it looks like you will need the iPhone 15 Pro to take full advantage, I only have an embarrassing iPhone 12 Pro, so there's my excuse to my wife for why I need to buy an upgrade right there 😉 ... I was really hoping not to be disappointed with the Apple announcement at this WWDC, and I certainly wasn't... Oh, and did I tell you that they also announced Calculator for the iPad? Now that really, really is a game-changer! 

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