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Hull Umbraco Website Development - Digital Project Management - SEO - Digital Email Marketing

I ❤️ Hull! It charms with its historic sites like Wilberforce House, a vibrant art scene, and the deep sea wonders of The Deep Aquarium. 

I always feel at home when I am in this city, probably because I was born here and spent most of my childhood growing up in the East of the city (opposite the amazing East Park).

C4DI in Hull

I get quite defensive when I talk to people who give it a bad rap.  Hull's got a secret – Over the past few years, it's become the tech hotspot of the East Coast.

Sure, there's history here, some industrial scars and all that. But beneath the surface, it's alive with innovation. The Centre for Digital Innovation (C4DI) is ground zero for this tech takeover. It's like a co-working playground for tech startups and big businesses, all jamming together to cook up the next big thing.

And if that's not enough, the EDGE is a new tech hub and co-working space giving C4DI a run for its money!

Even the libraries are into tech. Hull Central Library has a Makerspace where you can play with 3D printers, fancy embroidery machines, and even vinyl cutters. Basically, it's a place to unleash your inner creative tech genius.

It's a city that's got a vibrant tech scene, with a supportive community and a healthy dose of history on the side. From the aforementioned C4DI & EDGE Hub and amazing connectivity by Kingston Communications, Hull's proving it can be both historic and cutting-edge – pretty cool, right?

I worked within the city for over 3 years, having an office within C4DI when the centre first opened and one of my long-time clients (Rollits) is based in the city, and I make sure I visit the tech hot spots regularly for meetups and chats with old friends, colleagues and clients. 

If you are in or around Hull and need a digital professional, maybe you have a small business in whitefriargate that needs a new content-managed Umbraco or Shopify website, or you run a business in C4DI that needs Digital Marketing or Project Management, or even just need some help with your SEO then I am your YorkshireTechy, talk to me!